Why younger generation is preferring Instagram over Facebook?

admin Digital Marketing

Surveys and studies conducted by several research groups show the increasing popularity of
Instagram over Facebook among the youth. Though Facebook still remains the most popular
social media app, Instagram is predicted to overtake it by year 2020. Millennials and post
millennials all over the world are becoming the most important target group among
marketers who want to reach out with an ever-growing list of goods and services. The
reasons for more popularity of Instagram are –
1. Instagram is more tailored for projecting an image of oneself, while Facebook offers
more scope for social interaction and networking. The growing appeal of Instagram
can be attributed to the increasing self-obsessive tendencies among youth.
2. With increasing penetration of mobile devices among youth, Instagram is finding a
niche appeal being more mobile friendly.
3. Instagram has better stories integration with its optimized user interface.
4. Youth find Instagram to have a positive environment compared to Facebook which is
laden with huge amount of social and political content.
5. Instagram has built-in messaging facility compared to Facebook which deploys a
separate messenger app.
6. With increasing popularity of Facebook among older generation the youth are
finding it be no more secure for social engagement.