Why Businesses are shifting from Traditional to Social Media Marketing?

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Every sphere of ones life today is impacted by the advent of internet, marketing being no expectation. Internet has brought in huge and fair opportunity for both large and small brands and also individuals to reach out to their customers. Following reasons can be attributed to the rise of social media marketing –
1. The huge concentrated volume of users on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIN. Social media today has come a long way and very much has become the most consumed form of media. With a large share of smartphone owning population, a majority of whom will have more than one social media apps installed, it is fair to conclude that there are billions upon billions of customers that one can reach out to with social media marketing. These customers will have varying interests, requiring different kinds of services and products. The advantage of social media marketing is that it allows for very careful targeting of customers based on demographics and individual interests.

2. Social media marketing is significantly less expensive than traditional marketing methods. If correctly strategized with enticing and engaging content one can have huge reach out without spending too much (or in some cases without spending) money. What one is spending will be meaningful, such as ads that are targeted based on a user’s previous inputs, or other services such as social media schedulers and analytics.

3. All one will need is a working internet connection and a few people to get it started. Many large organizations already have social media teams, whereas smaller organisations and professional service providers are hiring consultants or social media marketing firms to strategize their marketing campaigns. Therefore we can see that resource requirement is minimal when compared to traditional marketing forms.

4. Through social media one can directly engage with their customers even to a point like replying to simple queries posted on the social platforms.