Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the most popular and effective social platform where you can be vocal about your views in a crisp (within a limit of 140 characters). Some users can however write 280 characters in a single tweet.

Your tweet can include the link of any web content, photograph or video. Twitter is a great place where you can tell your business story to the twitter community. It helps people identify your business and build trust.

In general, there are five types of Twitter messages:
a. A Tweet that you send to everyone who follows you
b. You can directly reply to a person using @username
c. Mention the username in a comment
d. You can send a direct message to anyone who follows you
e. Share Tweets with others who support you

Growthyogi’s User Engagement Team will keep interacting with your followers through comments and likes to help build the trust and increase the outreach. We also help you monitor social media check-ins and share the best story-telling content on Realtime basis.